Wine List

 House White
1        Roos Estate Chenin Blanc- SOUTH AFRICA 12.5% VOL                      £19.95
            Dry and light and fruity
7        Sauvignon Blanc ROOS ESTATE-South Africa 12.5% VOL         £22.00
Fresh And vibrant crisp wine
House Red
2          Roos Estate Shiraz – SOUTH AFRICA 14% VOL             £19.95
              Rich and full of flavour
15         Merlot Aroma CHILE 13.5%VOL                                        £21.95
               Soft and mellow pure Merlot with a delightful
              herbaceous note at the finish

                White Wine Selection
4          Murphy’s Unoaked Chardonnay- AUSTRAILA 13.5% vol.     £20.95
             Rich and full of flavour, perfect For Sipping.
5          Corte Fresca – Pinot Grigio- ITALY 12% VOL        £21.95
              Classic Crisp white with hints of spiced pear
6          Roos Estate Sauvignon Blanc – SOITH AFRICA  12.5% VOL      £21.95
             Refreshing wine with light gooseberry abd grapefruit flavours
7          Sauvignon Blanc, Paterson Grove, NEW ZEALAND 13% VOL    £25.95
             Crisp & Aromatic Flavours
8          Gavi Il Rocchin – ITALY 12% VOL     £22.95
              Aromas Of ripe yellow fruits underpinned by elegant Minerality
9          Chablis Domaine De Vauroux  FRANCE 13% VOL    £36.95
              Excellent quality aged Chablis with a deep fruity freshness
10         Sancerre Domaine Des Vieux Prunier’s FRANCE 13% VOL    £36.95
               Dry, light & refreshing with a wonderful gooseberry, citrus
Fruit and floral aromas



Rosé Wine Selection
11         Corte Fresca Pinot Grigio Blush ITALY 12%VOL        £21.95
               Soft summer fruits in the gentle dry wine
12         Pacific heaights Zinfandel Blush Rose CALIFORNIA 11.5% VOL      £20.95
                A Sweet and fruity delicious Wine

Red Wine Selection                                                     
14         Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Controllata ITALY 13.5% VOL        £22.95
                  Well balanced with brooding fruit And good tannic structure.
15         Merlot Aroma – CHILE 13% VOL                            £21.95
              Soft and mellow pure Merlot with a delightful herbaceous note at the finish
17         Rioja Ruiz De Vinaspre tinto Joven- SPAIN 13.5%       £24.95
              Oak aged to produce an easy drinking wine With notes of blackberry & vanilla
18         Murphy Shiraz – AUSTRALIA 14.5% vol               £24.95
 Hunter’s Meet favourite with its spicy, full-bodied character.  Terrific red wine.
19        Aromo Private reserve Malbec – CHILE 13.5% VOL       £27.95
            An excellent Malbec from Chile, soft, fruity and uncomplicated
20           AMICONE – CANTINE. DI. ORA – ITALY 2018 14% VOL      £28.00
full bodied yet soft wine, with aromas of fresh raspberry and
black cherry, slowly matured in oak barrels giving
notes of sweet spices and chocolate.
Recommended By Brendan!
21         Fleurie Domaine LES vignes via- FRANCE 13%      £36.95
               Tremendous intensity of fruit on the nose,
body with soft tannins on the palate.
22           Le Fou Pinot NoiR – FRANCE 13%VOL              £22.95
                 Intense sweet berry fruit with savoury
twist with soft tannins to deliver luscious texture with powerful full fruits.
22a      Cinsaut Pinotage Douglas Green – SOUTH AFRICA 13.5% VOL          £21.95
              Soft berry flavours and gentle spice from wood saturation
Sparkling Wine
23           Prosecco – Di Maria           – Italy    (75cl)                £23.95
                Delicate and fruity with hints of wildflowers
                Honey & fresh apples
24           Prosecco – Marsuet – Italy              (Superior Prosecco)       £32.95
                bit of a mouthful but this is the Rolls Royce of Proseccos sourced from a smaller producer in the                                                                                     .                                   village of Guia. A fine mousse and beautiful mouthful followed by a full,
unbelievably smooth mid palate and a touch of sweetness on the finish. Beautiful
25           Prosecco Di Maria- Italy  (200ml)                                                £6.50
Delicate and fruity with hints of wildflowers Honey & fresh apples


     28      House Champagne – Autreau Premier Cru                                1                   £50.00

                BRUT PREMIER CRU                                                                                                        ½ Bottle £26.00 rich and full flavoured with great length & style


     29        House Pink Champagne – Autreau De Champollion               1                      £54.00

                BRUT PREMIER CRU 

rich and full flavoured with great length & style


     30        Moet Et Chandon                                                                    1                       £56.00

            Crisp and clean with citrus aromas and hints of biscuits                                       ½ bottle £30.00                 Flavours.


     31        Bollinger Brute special Curvee                                                1                       £72.00

            Result of delicate blending between harvest grapes           And a majority of reserve wines. 


     32           Laurent Perrier Rosé                                                                                          1                             £89.00

                Undisputed star, light elegant fruit and delegate mousse

Blended from nearly a dozen cru s


33        Dom Perignon Vintage 2004                                                                   1                          £235.00
Simply The Best Rich with a great balance this prestige curvee is Produced with grand cru and premier cru grapes