Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all okay and coping as best you can with the current situation.

Hunters Eats

We have been overwhelmed with everyone’s continued support, especially with Hunters Eats deliveries and takeaways.

We are still doing this, and we are so happy that we have been able to help so many people. We make sure we are sticking to the guidelines with no contact.

We take payment over the phone, deliver to the doorstep and stand back while the delivery is collected. We ask that you please don’t approach whoever is delivering. They will wait at a safe distance to make sure you have got your food.

We have great deals with delicious food to help anyone who needs it.


We have still been working hard on getting the Hunters Meet looking great for when we open again.

All the managers have volunteered their help to answer take away calls, get deliveries out and help around the Hunters Meet in between.

More staff would love to volunteer their help, but we want to keep everyone safe and with only a few of us means we can rotate so we are not in at the same time.

Elisha and Sian have been busy painting, I’ve been tidying up the bar area, Nicola and Les have been cleaning the rooms.
It’s been a great team effort.

The horse box is well underway. Lesley & Sian sanded it all down ready to paint and Brendan has finished all the woodwork inside. He has built the whole door frame and the shelves and put up the walls around it.

It is looking brilliant and we can’t wait for you all to get use out of it.

Brendan has also been busy extending the decking and it’s coming along nicely. This will give everyone more space to enjoy their drinks and food overlooking the heath.

Keep going Bren it looks great.

We have some sleepers lying around and we have a plan so keep a look out to see what we are going to do with them.


Has anyone heard of Mrs Hinch on Instagram?
Well if you haven’t, you must!

She is just a normal lady cleaning her house, but her stories are fun, and uplifting and she has made cleaning so much more fun.

Well we are well and truly channeling Mrs Hinch around the venue.
The staff are keeping fit running round cleaning door handles after every use, credit card machines, phones and keyboards all being wiped down.

We are clean freaks, but it is so SO important to keep everyone safe. The whole place smells of bleach constantly. I quite like it 😊

Before the rules got stricter, we had a couple of staff members pop in to borrow some gym equipment to take home. We figured they might as well be used by someone and they have been thoroughly enjoying having something to do at home.


Although the restaurant, bar and spa have had to close we are fortunate enough to still be able to offer the hotel to key workers who need somewhere to stay.

We are taking every measure to be safe to protect them and us, following government guidelines. Even their food is delivered in takeaway form to the corridor where they can collect it. No contact needed.

Joke of the Day

Quote of the Day

Look for something positive in each day.

Make it a challenge for the rest of the week. Find something that made you smile, laugh, feel happier. It could be big or small it doesn’t matter but there will be at least one good thing. Find it, hold onto it, remember it, enjoy it.

Times are hard but recognising the little things really does help.

Thank you again for your continued support.

#stayhome #staysafe #bepositive

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