These Past Two Years have been a rollercoaster for us all!

We have faced everything together as a Family, we have learnt a lot this year, we have all tried new  skills, the waitress’s have painted, the chef’s have delivered, we have cried together but most importantly we have all laughed together!

I know I may be bias but I do Truly believe we have the best team in the world working for us, all of the staff have continued to work hard, through all the lock downs and restrictions, And they have all remained positive and encouraged every one else to laugh, and celebrate what we can.

That being said, we have also recently hired a new maintenance man, (The girls have decided to stick to restaurant work!) and we have embarked on a complete modernisation of all of our 20 bedrooms so very exciting times ahead.

The Business has changed a lot over the past two years, We now have a very successful daytime trade, where we are serving guests from our new style lunch menu, and we have a lovely flow of people popping in for a cuppa  or a glass of wine and a catch up with friends, If we have learned anything its just how important friends are!

We made the most of the Summer this year and hosted many outdoor BBQS They really are one of our favourite types of service, every one seems to smile more with the BBQ lit!

Our Ski Pod has proved to be a tremendous success, we have so many lovely locals popping in for drinks, when out walking their dogs, And I am very pleased to say we are now completely dog friendly! In fact our Doggy companions probably get the best service from our staff!

We have children, popping in with their families afterschool for hot chocolates loaded with cream, marshmallows and all the extras , and they love coming in with their families, as we offer a complementary schnapps to all adults who join us in the pod, and for the children a shot of the strong stuff Fruit Shoot, so everyone feels involved.

The Girls in the spa have really enjoyed welcoming all of their lovely clients back in, and our sports clinic has been able to help people with their muscle problems again! Its been so wonderful to have ladies enjoying their spa days and offering pampering treatments.

We are so very grateful for all of the support from our lovely locals, and neighbours, who have been visiting us here at The Hunters Meet, We really have seen the best of people come to light, with a real sense of community sprit like we haven’t seen before. This is why after 31 years we still love it!

We really are full of gratitude and are looking forward to the new year, we have planned a great one!

We Would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our friends, family and customers, the merriest of Christmas’s and a much better brighter new year!

Lots Of love
Brendan & Lesley