Hello Everyone,
Happy Monday!!!
I’d like to start your week on a cheery note and great opportunity.


On Saturday 24th August we have a comedy night! This will include a delicious 4 course meal,
hilarious comedy from Micky Pugh and great live music with Cliché.

On Facebook we are holding a competition to give away 2 FREE TICKETS to our comedy & party night on the 24th August.
All you need to do is like our page, tag a friend & tell us your best joke. Not only will you be entered to the prize drawer, but you will receive 25% discount for that night just for entering and making us laugh. So, everyone’s a winner.
I’d like to share with you, I use ‘I would like’ loosely haha, Brendan’s joke of the week followed by some of the entries we have had already. Keep them coming!
‘He used to play the triangle in a reggae band but had to give it up because it was just one ‘ting’ after the other’
Oh dear, thanks for sharing though Brendan 😊
Some other jokes shared on Facebook
  • Steven: Went into an East end pub and at the bar was a guy with one ear, I felt sorry for him and asked if I could buy him a drink 🥃 he replied “it’s okay mate, I’ve got one ere”
    Brendan: They made him a new ear out of pig skin but every now and again he gets a little crackling in it
  • Samantha: Why did Billy go out with a prune ?
    Because he couldn’t find a date 😂😂
  • Pauline: as our daughter once said.. what do you call a sheep with no legs?
    A cloud! Bless a little 6 year old telling her first joke! X
  • Emma: Why don’t bunnies make noise when they have sex?
    A: Because they have cotton balls.


To read more or think you can do better, head over to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thehuntersmeet/

Staff on Tour

This week, myself and some of the girls are heading off to a festival so I might not get round to a blog next week but when I do I will fill you in on some of our antics although I am sure it will all be very chilled and civil 😂
I’d just like to end today’s post with big congratulations to Kim & Jack who got married here on Saturday with a terrific Game of Thrones theme. It was a lovely wedding to work, everyone had a lovely time right through to the evening where they had karaoke. It was… interesting LOL and there was a variety of music choice from what sounded like Slipknot through to Garage. From all the Hunters Team, CONGRATULATIONS.


Talking of garage, on 31st January & 1st February we will be doing a full garage & 90’s weekend! Not to be missed, to book call 01279 730 549

Looking for something this weekend? Why not join us this Friday 9th for an 80’s party night with host Fanny Galore & brilliant band Baby Go Boom, including a delicious 4 course meal.

Have a fantastic week!
Speak Soon